Paint sealant

Why get a paint sealant?

  • It provides a deeper depth of paint Car paint sealant typically creates a deeper or high gloss finish on when applied to paint in good condition. So, not only does it protect, but it enhances the natural shine.
  • It protects paint longer than wax Car wax (usually the natural carnauba wax) will last about 6 weeks. Some synthetic car waxes can last up to 3 months. A car paint sealant which is made from polymer technology and synthetic ingredients will last from six to 10 months.
  • Provides stronger protection Some harsh contaminants like acid rain, bug splatters, and bird droppings contain strong acidic levels. These items can penetrate basic car wax and cause damage to the clear coating. Car paint sealant is stronger, long-lasting and protects the paint from these harmful contaminants.
  • Increases the vehicle’s resale value When a car owner uses car paint sealants (especially high-quality products like Meguiar, Chemical Guys, or Wolfgang and maintains their finish by reapplying when recommended, it helps to protect the clear coating, which preserves the paint quality – and the resale value when you trade in the vehicle.
  • Makes it easier to wash and dry a vehicle Paint sealants have very good hydrophobic properties. Like a ceramic coating, they resist the collection of standing water, dirt, and debris, which makes it easier to wash and dry the car

Ceramic coatings

Why get a ceramic coating?

  • You want your vehicle to look as good as it did the day you bought it. So, you carefully wash it on a regular basis, and you apply a new coat of wax every few months. But despite your efforts, swirl marks, chips, and stains start to populate on your vehicle’s exterior. Not only that, water spots, dirt, and grime start clinging to your car the day after you give it a thorough wash.
  • What if there was a product that could change this narrative; a product that would provide protection from environmental hazards and make your car easier to wash, while not requiring repeated application.
  • Good news! There is. It’s called a Ceramic Coating (or Nano-Ceramic Coating), and it could add substantial value to your vehicle.
  • But before you make a buying decision, it’s important to get the facts straight. If you have read anything online about Ceramic Coatings, you may have come across some competing claims. On the one hand, manufacturers and Detailers have made outstanding promises about the performance of their Ceramic Coatings. On the other hand, some auto care? commentators have offered critiques.
  • Let’s spend some time clearing up the issue. What’s the truth about automotive? Ceramic Coatings? What are their benefits? What are their limitations? What will be best for your vehicle?

Ceramic coatings

What is a Ceramic Coating?

In short, a Ceramic Coating adds additional protection to your car’s exterior and helps keep it looking like new with comparatively minimal maintenance. The coating achieves this result by making your vehicle more resilient and easier to clean.

If a vehicle is often exposed to the sun, its paint will begin to oxidize, resulting in dulled and faded paint. A layer of Ceramic Coating protects a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing the amount of oxidization.

Another danger for your car is chemical staining from naturally acidic contaminants. By creating a chemically resistant surface, a Ceramic Coating can keep some contaminants from bonding to your vehicle’s paint. The result is that your vehicle will be more resistant to staining and etching, provided the contaminant is removed in a timely manner.

One of the most significant features of a Ceramic Coating is that it is hydrophobic, which is a fancy way of saying it repels water. When a vehicle has a hydrophobic Ceramic Coating, water will bead on the surface and slide off more easily. This means that mud and grime will have a more difficult time bonding to your vehicle’s paint, and when you wash your car, contaminants can be removed with less effort.

If you want your paint to pop with gloss, you will want to add a Ceramic Coating. A good Ceramic Coating enhances the reflective properties of your car’s paint and clear coat, adding to the depth and clarity of your paint. A Ceramic Coating will add value to your vehicle. At Diamond Car NZ, we are leading installers of Ceramic Coatings for Auckland area.

For the reasons listed above, a Ceramic Coating does preserve your vehicle’s exterior and reduce ongoing maintenance needs. Therefore, if you choose to have a Ceramic Coating applied, you will be adding value to your vehicle. However, despite the claims of some manufacturers and detailers, a ceramic Coating is not a miracle, super-cure product that will solve any and every problem for your car. Thus, it is important for you to know what a Ceramic Coating does not do.

The scratch-resistance of a Ceramic Coating is often exaggerated. Though some small scratches can be repelled by a Ceramic Coating (as we described above), a coated vehicle will not be completely resistant to the risk of rock chips or parking lot scratches. Furthermore, improper car washing techniques or automated car washes will still create swirl marks on your vehicle’s surface. It is important to know that a Ceramic Coating is not a substitute for more serious scratch or chip protection (such as Paint Protection Film, also known as Clear Bra), nor does it eliminate the need to wash your car in a proper manner in order to avoid swirl marks.

A normal drop of water contains a certain amount of dirt or minerals. When water evaporates on your vehicle’s surface, the minerals are left behind, creating visible spots. Detailers and consumers may assume that the hydrophobic quality of a Ceramic Coating will eliminate water spotting, since water slides of the coated surface. While it is true that some water will be repelled from the hydrophobic surface, other water droplets will bead and remain on the vehicle, creating the opportunity for water-spotting.

Notice above we said a Ceramic Coating keeps your car looking like new with comparatively minimal maintenance, not no maintenance. Let’s face it, the road is a dirty place. If you are driving your car, it will get dirty? Even with a Ceramic Coating, you will still need to wash your car regularly to maintain its look. The benefit of a Ceramic Coating is that the cleaning process will be easier. Moreover, having a Ceramic Coating means that you will no longer have to wax your vehicle every few months, eliminating a significant part of maintaining your car’s exterior. Thus, a Ceramic Coating does not make your vehicle maintenance-free, but it does mean that with less work you will be able to maintain better results.

Whether you’re interested in an entry level package or looking for semi-permanent paint protection with warranty, there’s a suitable package for you!

Ceramic pricing options

Price may vary depending on size & coating chosen. Price starting from $550+

  • Feynlab ceramic lite (1-year protection or more)
  • Car Pro Cquartz lite (6-months protection or more)
  • Feynlab ceramic v2 (3-year protection or more) currently only offering 1 year
  • Car Pro Cquartz (2-year protection or more)
  • Ceramic pro topcoat 3year
Add $180 for 3/4 year


$550+ GST

(1-year prices)

Large car

$600+ GST

(1-year prices)

X-LARGE cars

$650+ GST

(1-year prices)


$650+ GST

(1-year prices)


$700+ GST

(1-year prices)

Ceramic protection for
calipers only

  • High-pressure wash and shampoo
  • Detailed Surface Preparation for the coating
  • 1 x Application of Feynlab Wheel & Caliper Protection on the calipers

Ceramic prices for calipers Only


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Ceramic protection for
wheels & calipers combo

  • Wheels removal
  • High-pressure wash and shampoo
  • Detailed Surface Preparation for the coating
  • 1 Application of Feynlab Wheel&Caliper on the face of the wheels, the inside of the wheels and the callipers
  • 1 x Application of Feynlab Ceramic Wheel&Caliper on all exhaust tips
  • 1 x Spray/Sponge Application of Feynlab on all plastics and trims around and above the wheels (wheelhouse)



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Ceramic Pricing for Bikes

Our Motorbike Ceramic Coatings includes the following:

  • Exterior wash & decontamination
  • Paintwork preparation
  • 1 Year Ceramic coating paint protection


We are proud to offer the best car wash services in Auckland. We use the highest grade of soaps, micro-fiber hand washing mitts and drying towels, proper hand wash techniques to minimise paint swirls and scratches.

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